For your safety and ours, certain items will not permitted in storage units at Willow Tree Storage:

Animal or plant products

Perishable foods

Illegal or stolen items

Explosive or volatile items

Toxic items

A rental agreement must be filled out and signed before renting a storage unit.

Please keep the following in mind when you are looking to store a vehicle indoors at Willow Tree Storage.

1. You must have insurance on your vehicle

2. A surcharge will apply to the monthly or seasonal rate of your vehicle depending on it's value to cover the extended insurance for storing at Willow Tree Storage

3. All batteries must be disconnected or taken out when storing indoors

4. The waiver provided by Willow Tree Storage is to be filled out and signed by the owner of the vehicle when paying for storage same day of storing.

5. Added Liability Insurance Fee: There will be an added fee of 8% of the total of your vehicle's storage total. This fee is to cover for the added liability insurance that must be on buildings storing commercial and recreational property. Charged by the duration of the season. Example: A 22' boat at $350 for the season, multiplied by 8%( $28) , then add HST (49.14) for a total of $427.14 for the entire season.